The puppies has arrived!

In the evening on June 7 Nikki started to whelp and after more than 12 hours she was very tired. She then had given birth to 10 puppies but I could feel that there still was some puppies left inside her. So we went to the veterinary and they could tell she had two more puppies in her belly. With some help she managed to give birth to another one but then nothing more happend so they had to open her and pick out the last one. During the whole time Nikki was very calm and everyone at the clinic was so found of her! Although she had new born puppies she accepted everyone that came though the door to examine both her and the puppies!
Finally we got to go home and Nikki and all the 12 puppies was doing just fine! The puppies have been very strong and full of life from the start. Nikki is an excellent mom, taking such good care of her babies!

We now have 4 males and 8 females in the puppy box, all the puppies are growing and so far no sinus has been discovered.