To buy a puppy from us

Are you interested in a puppy from our kennel? Welcome to contact us!
It's important for us that our dogs will end up in homes where they are a part of the family and the daily life. It's also important that they will get the stimulation they need to grow into a happy and obedient family dog.
As an owner of a dog from us it's not necessary that you show them or compete, that's not the primary. 
However, we would be happy if particulary promising dogs will be showed or used for other competitions, but of course only if you as the owner is interested of it!

The only requirement we have in order to get a puppy from us, is that the dog will be x-rayed between the ages of 1-2 years. We also encourage mental test of the dogs at 18 months old. The later is not a requirement but something we prefer you to do.

Before selling a puppy we want to meet the potential buyer in person, so give us a call if you want to visit us!