About Telma

Telma comes from the first litter of the kennel and nowadays she's the oldest in the pack.

Telma is a very beautiful bitch with a heart of gold! She is cooperative with enough energy and very determed, certainly not a sissy! At the same time she is very responsive and safe to others, both humans and other animals. She is the best dog I've ever had with an amazing "dog language" and the best social interaction I've ever witnessed.

Telma is Swedish Show Champion and Blood tracking Champion. Shows isn't for her, she doesn't enjoy it so we had to work a long time for her title! Blood tracking on the other hand, that's her thing! Telma has prooved to be an excellent tracking dog. One time we got to try a real track, she found where the moose had been shot despite the fact that we had not practised for many years.

Telma has also tried agility which she likes a lot. The most fun thing to do according to Telma is to run at the racecourse! My calm and quiet girl that never loses control turns to a maniac as soon as she realize what's going on!

Name: Waytogo Halo
D.o.b: 2010-04-20
Hight: 64 cm
Weight: 35 kg
AD: 0
Degenerativ Myelopathy: N/N, Non carrier
Missing one P3, correct bite
Completed Swedish mental test, gunshot proof
Owner: Tori Malm

Swedish Blood tracking Champion
Swedish Show Champion