D-litter 2016

D.o.b: September 21

6 males - all with correct ridge, one kinked tail

5 tikar - all with correct ridge, one kinked tail, one still born,
one with dermoid sinus

Telma is a very feminine and nice dog, moderate in size and stable in temperament!
For me Telma is a dog with the ideal mentality! She have a fantastic "dog language", the ability to adapt to different environments and different dogs, no matter who she meets.
At first sight Telma can seem to be wimpy but when the situation requires it she can speak up just as much as necessary.

In body Telma is a well balanced dog, no exaggerated angles but a well shaped head! She's done well in the show rings as well as in the forrest bloodtracking.

We believe that Greif and Telma will complete each other in a very good way, both mentally and in exterior.

D.o.b: 2010-04-20
Height: 64cm
Weight: 35kg
ED: 0
Teeth: Missing one P3, correct bite

BPH (Official Swedish mental test) Completed May 23 2012, Telma showed good reactions and quick abreactions. Gunshot proof

Swedish show champion
2 x r-CACIB
Several best bitch placements
Swedish bloodtracking champion

Owner: Tori Malm, Kennel Waytogo, Sollefteå

Read more about Telma at her own page

Greif is a dog with a wonderful metality and the properties I'm looking for in a dog; kind, easy-going, calm och stable but still full of energy once something happens! Greif lives in Stockholm with his owner Paula Pukk and a younger male, Baxter.

His exterior is of high quality in which his show results testify. He is Swedish, Latvian and Estonian show champion and Swedish bloodtracking champion. I think Greif completes Telma in a very good way when he has the exterior qualitys that Telma lacking.

Thank you dear Paula for letting us use Greif!

D.o.b: 2012-03-05
Height: 68cm
Weight: 45kg
ED: 0
Teeth: Correct bite, all set of teeth

BPH (Official Swedish mental test) Completed August 22 2013. Gunshot proof

Swedish show champion
Latvian show champion
Estonian show champion
Several BOB/BOS placements
Several best male placements
Swedish bloodtracking champion

Owner: Paula Pukk, Stockholm