Rhodesian Ridgeback - a dog suitable for you?

Even though a ridgeback loves to relax in the sofa, it's a big dog with a great need of both physical and mental stimulation. A ridgeback needs to excercise several days a week and to make it really satisfied it's also necessary to make them use their brain.

Its origin as a fast, strong and persistent hunter makes you have a dog with a great interest of wildlife animals and that's something you need to keep in mind from day one.

Rhodesian ridgeback is a wonderful family dog; calm, loyal, patient to children and observant. They have a reserved attitude towards strangers. Usually they greet the visitor briefly and then just to walk away and leave the person alone, which sometimes can be quite comfortable if the visitor doesn't care about dogs as much as you do!
For the unknown person who tries to butter up for an adult ridgeback rarely succeed, even though the youngsters are slightly more approachable and curious.
They are also bred to protect and guard their pack. In other words; you can safely sleep with your door unlocked when you have a ridgeback in the house, no one will manage to enter your home unnoticed!

Despite this the ridgeback is a friendly breed. They can be very stubborn but at the same time they are responsive and the best way to succeed with your dog is by encourage good behaviour and ignore the bad ones as long as it remains in a reasonable level.
To prevent your ridgeback from making its own rules you also need to make a difference between learning/teaching and upbringing/training. You can teach you dog to sit, lay down or fetch a ball but you have to train you dog not to jump on people, pull the leash or chasing cats!
A direct, consistent and firm approach combined with encouragement and motivation are the keys to a balanced dog and a happy dog owner!

The first 2-3 years of the life with a ridgback can be very tough and sometimes it seems that everything is hopeless, but the time and efford you've spent will pay off as soon as the youngster turnes into an adult!

A grown-up ridgeback is an easygoing individual with an amazing "dog laguage" who you can bring anywhere you go!