F-litter is here!

Mating has occurred between
SeUch SeVch NoUch Excellent Nikki of Perla Afriky
SeUch FiUch Waytogo Cool Cinnamon

If everything goes as planned we will have puppies in the middle of March.
I’m very excited about this litter since it is the first time I use an own breed male. Aaron is a well balanced dog with a pleasing exteriour but above all a great mentality! He is calm in every situations and has no problems hanging around with everyone, no matter of age or sex. Just like I want a dog to be!

Nikki is a very happy and fun bitch with a heart of gold, she loves everyone and everybody loves her! She is calm indoors and the total opposite when going out.

I think her outgoing personality and Aarons more laid back approach will give happy, calm and social family members with enough workingspirit! I also hope that they will inherit some of their nice exteriors to their puppies! ❤️

Interested in a puppy? Don’t hesitate to make contact!