Winter litter 2014

WTG Cool Coat 'Dexter'
Dexter lives in Stockholm at Engblom/Eriksson family.

WTG Cool Candy Cane 'Vera'
Vera lives in Bispgården at Edblad family with the company of two other dogs.

WTG Cool Cap 'Leon'
Leon lives in Sälen with Persson/Ringve family together with the German shepherd Milou.

WTG Cool Crackle 'Zico'
Zico lives at Kristiansen family in Vedavågen, Norge

WTG Cool Chestnut 'Minus'
Minus lives with Nicole, Stoffe and their three boys in Östersund

WTG Cool Cinnamon 'Aaron'
Aaron lives with Persson family in Piteå.

WTG Cool Candle 'Zeb'
Zeb lives in Fauske, Norway with Cecilie and Allan

WTG Cool Chrystal 'Freja'
Freja lives with Gerd and Bert in Örnsköldsvik

Milos litter 2013

WTG Milos Belizie 'Felize'
Felize lives in Gothenburg with Emmelie and her friend Farin

WTG Milos Bellini 'Sir Alex'
Sir Alex first moved to Finland but came back and now lives with Anna-Britta and her family in Umeå.
Pictures of Sir Alex at his own

WTG Milos Bayazzo 'Vide'
Bor i Härnösand med fam. Högel och kompisen Zach

WTG Milos Bianco 'Lillebror'
Lillebror lives in Trondheim, Norway with Bente and big brother Lex Jr.

WTG Milos Bizette 'Kiara'
Kiara lives in Västerås with Thögesen family and the dogs Elli and Zavanna,

Waytogo Milos Bonfire 'Ninjo'
Ninjo lives in Boden with Morin family.

Phenomenon litter 2010

Waytogo Nimbus "Nimbus"

Nimbus lives with Jeanette och Magnus in Örnsköldsvik/Viksjö


Waytogo Blizzard "Nelson"

Nelson lives in Näsåker with Madelene

En blivande apportör!
En blivande apportör!

Waytogo Cirrus "Zimba"

Zimba lives in Finspång with Maria and Melle

Zimba 2 år

Waytogo Diamond Dust "Lester"

Lester lives in sundsvall with Anniqa and her family

Fina Lester!
Fina Lester!

Waytogo Geyser "Lex Jr"

Lex Jr lives in Trondheim, Norway with Bente

Waytogo Eclipse "Bamse"

Bamse lives in Malmö with Amelie, Saga and Gustav

Mor och son
Mor och son

Waytogo Halo "Telma"

Telma lives in Sollefteå with Tori

Pictures of Telma at her own page

Waytogo Aurora "Nova"

Nova lives in Resele with Madelene and Markus


Waytogo Mirage "Farida"

Farida lives in Sundsvall with owner Hanna

Waytogo Corona "Corona"

Corona lives in Sollefteå with Ingegerd and Göran