Celebrating 4 weeks birthday and a lot more!

Time flies and the puppies are now 4 weeks old!
They are growing and developing very well, and fast! We have had a lot of visitors, both future puppy buyers and daddy Greif with his family. We also took some pictures of them and of course cuddled a lot!
Pictures of the puppies at their page.

Last week Nikki did her 3:rd blood track and became Swedish Blood tracking Champion! She did an excellent work and I'm so proud of her accompishments in the forrest! The same week we went to Sundsvall International dog show where WTG Cool Cinnamon 'Aaron' and Excellent Nikki of Perla Afriky 'Nikki' was showed. They both did very well, Aaron became 2:nd in champion class with CQ and ended up as 2:nd best male with his fifth r-CACIB! Nikki won a strong open class and ended up as Best bitch and later on Best in oppostie sex with her final CAC and her first CACIB which made her Swedish Show Champion!!! Two titles in one week, I'm so thrilled!!!
Results at her own page and pictures from here.