Mixed results from last weekends dog show

The 16th of May it was time for the first outdoor show for this season. We went up north in Sweden, to Piteå and to Telmas son Aaron, WTG Cool Cinnamon, and his family. We started the show with Aaron entering the ring. This was his first show and he did a great job! As the winner of Open Class with CQ, he ended up as Best Male and Best in Opposite Sex with CAC! What a start of his showing career! Huge congratulations to his owner; Morgan and Veronica Persson! His criticism was:
"Excellent type, maskuline well balanced, beautiful head and expression, correct dentition, good ears, excellent neck and withers, good back, excellent chest, correct angulations, sound movement, good shape of ridge" Judge: Irina Poletaeva, Finland

Then it was Nikki's turn. She was one of two junior bitches where she ended up as number one, but with a Very Good.
Vera, WTG Cool Candy Cane, also got a Very Good.
Nikki's criticism: "Very feminine, correct proportions, good scull, muzzle still narrow, scissors bite, correct ears, high set neck, good withers and back, a bit sloping crop, still needs better fore chest and front angulations, good rear angulations, enough drive in side movement, front and rear movement could be more correct, good shape of ridge."
Vera's criticism: "Very good type, feminine, enough bones, good proportions, correct head planes, correct dentition, excellent neck, well developed withers, level back (?), a bit sloping crop, roundish ribcage, a bit short ???, correct angulations, good side movement, lovely temperament, good ridge."

WTG Cool Cinnamon BOS with CAC!