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So the puppies have turned one week and what a week...
It all started with Telma's slow labor which ended up with us going to the veterinarian in the middle of the night with eight newborn puppies... Left in her belly was three puppies, one still born and the other two almost lifeless. After rubbing them they came to life but they were very lethargic the first day and I had to support feeding them every two hours. Two days later we found a dermoid sinus (DM) at one female puppy so she was put to sleep. It's alwas sad to make these decisions and it is the bad side of beeing a breeder...
Just a few days after we got back home Telma's cesarean became infected and I had to consider giving antibiotics to her even though she nursed the puppies. Since I've been told that antibiotics could do harm to the puppies I was very worried but at the same time I didn't have any choise, I had to treat her. So we went to the veterinarian again and got some medicine. She recovered soon and so far I haven't noticed any difference at the puppies.
The puppies are growing and they have started to use their legs insted of only crawl! In only a few days they will be able to see and hear.

However this first week ended in a perfect way when we recieved happy news from Emmelie Stenman, owner of SeVch PLCh WTG Milos Belizie 'Felize'. On Tuesday she became mother to a huge litter at Kennel Red Working Ridge. In 7 hours she gave birth to 13 (!!!) puppies! Congratulations and the best of luck to all of you! We are looking forward to follow this litter!

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Finally our D-litter is here!
It all started at 3:30 am the 21st of September. Telma gave birth to 11 puppies, 6 males and 5 females, all with correct ridge's and one with a small kinked tail. The last three puppies was born by cesarean.

Unfortunately one perfect little girl was stil born and later on we found one DS at another little girl. So far we have 9 puppies left and they all are doing well, as well as mommy Telma.

We still have both males and females available, inquires are welcome to contact us!

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