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Today we went to the veterinarian to do the ultrasound and I was very happy to see a bunch of small puppies inside Telmas belly! Today she is on day 32 of pregnancy and it has been a long wait to see if there was anything inside her or if it was a false pregnancy again! Telma is showing all the signs of beeing pregnant and we are so happy and expectant about this litter who finally is underway!

I also have some great news about Greif, the father to be! He's been at a few shows both in Sweden and abroad this summer, with some very nice results! So far he's recieved four Best male placement of which he became Best in opposite sex three times, one of this shows was the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress in Sweden. He has also become Best in group-3 and won Best ridge twice and ended up as 10:th Best male in Norway at the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress. This golden boy really is amazing, inside and outside!

Idag har vi varit till verinären för att göra ett ultraljud på Telma och lyckan var total när jag såg en hög med valpar i Telmas mage! Hon är nu på dygn 32 och det har varit en lång väntan för att se om hon verkligen är dräktig eller om hon blivit skendräktig igen. Telma visar alla tecken på att vara dräktig och vi är så glada och förväntansfulla inför denna kull som äntligen är på g!

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There's been a lot going on this summer, dog shows, mating and other activities!
We have been entering a couple shows with some very satisfying results. Nikki, our little princess, got her 2nd CAC and became Best in oppostite sex at the same show. Since Telma became Swedish champion earlier this summer we decided to take a break with her in the rings. Besides our own dogs, two of Telma's offspring also rocked the rings! WTG Cool Cinnamon 'Aaron' debuted in champion class and recieved his first r-CACIB and last weekend I had the plesure to show her other son, WTG Cool Chestnut 'Minus', at his 3rd show where he got Exc.2 with some very nice words from the judge.
I'm so happy for this boys, not because of their show results but because of their lovely characters! They are so happy and friendly to everyone they meet and I also know that they are very loving family members.

WTG Cool Cinnamon, Champion class Exc.1, CQ, 2nd best male with r-CACIB

2yrs old, maskuline, good lines, well shaped head, good expression, very good neck and deep of chest, good in body, good width of thigh, could have a bit better angulation in knee, good legs and paws, good shape of ridge but could be a bit longer, powerful in movements but dips a bit in front when moving.
Judge: Per Iversen, Norway

WTG Cool Chestnut, Open class Exc.2
2 yrs old, excellent size and proportions, masculine head with good proportions, excellent neck, topline, crop and hindquarters, very beautiful in line, good legs and paws, ridge a bit short with crown a bit of set, balanced movements all around.
Judge: Jens Myrman, Sweden

Read more about Telma's results here and Nikki's results here

This summer we also did what Telma and Nikki loves the most; to run! We participated at the ridgeback race and Nikki even won the race! The weekend after we went to meet Greif and him and Telma successfully mated. Now we cross our fingers for a bunch of puppies in the end of September.

See pictures from all our adventures here

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