Last weekend we had some very nice visit by the Persson family from Piteå and of course they brought Aaron, Telmas son from WTG's winter litter. Together we went to Sundsvall International Dog Show to show Aaron, Telma and Nikki.
Aarons brother, Minus, was also at the show and together they entered open class in wich Aaron won and Minus got a Very Good. In best male competition Aaron ended up as 2nd best male with CAC and r-CACIB! Then it was time for Nikki who also won her class and became 4th best bitch! Last up in the ring was Telma who got an Excellent but unfortunately no more.

Aarons criticism: Very maskuline head and expression. A bit 

rough cheeks. Well placed ears, correct bite. Good neck, strong topline. Excellent crop. Good angulations in front and behind. Well shaped chest, suitable bone structure. Excellent movements. Ridge ok, nice character. Judge: Gina Ekström Persson, Sweden

We have also been at the veterinay clinic to x-ray Nikki. It went very well, as always she behaved so good and everyone just loved her friendly character. Only a few days later the results came and she is free on both hips and elbows! Jippie!

Thanks to all friends and family for all congratulations. Now we are looking forward to Stockholm and the Nordic Winner show in December.
See pictures from show here and results at Telma and Nikkis own pages.

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In June 14 we went to Vännäs National Dog Show with Telma and Nikki. Telmas son Aaron were also there with his family to enter his 2nd show and I had the great pleasure to show him, again. He managed it very well and ended up with an Exc4 in his class, such good boy!
Then it was time for Nikki entering junior class for the 3rd time since we started showing and she did a great job as well; Exc, winner of her class with CQ and finally 4th Best Bitch with her first CAC!!! She had two champions and one veteran before her so I believe she managed very well! At last Telma got Exc2 with CQ but unplaced in best bitch competition. How ever she was in an excellent mood and did a great performance all though she doesn't like shows, my good girl!

Next up was Piteå IDS in July where Aaron became second best male with CQ, CAC and r-CACIB, his second CAC in only 3 shows!!! By this time we were over thrilled about his amazing results in the rings and we really hope that he will continue to develope in the same good way as he done so far. Both Nikki and Telma got an Exc, no placements but the judge gave them some very nice word so we are happy about the outcome anyway!

At last we went to Svenstavik IDS in August where Telma and Nikki was showed. This year is the year when we are aiming for Telmas last CAC and her champion titel and at this show she was so close, so close...! She got an Exc1 with CQ and ended up as 3rd Best Bitch with reserv-CAC and reserv-CACIB! So close and yet so far away! Nikki got Exc2 with CQ and finally she became 4th Best Bitch, placed next to Telma. Besides the missing titel we are EXTREMELY happy for the results; 3rd and 4th Best Bitch are some very nice placements!

See the critics from the shows here and here

Down in Gothenburg Emmelie and WTG Milos Belizie 'Felize' also made some great results, both inside and outside the ring, At her last four shows this summer she have recieved four Excellent, two CQ and one placement in best bitch competition. Besides that she also ended up as the 10th most successful blood tracking ridgeback at the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback Club's blood tracking list. HUGE Congratulations to the both of you, you are an amazing team and we are so proud of you!

Finally we have found a potential male to our next litter and we will go and visit him before the summer is over. Hopefully he and Telma will like each other and if everything will go as planned we will have some puppies this winter! Fingers crossed...


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The 16th of May it was time for the first outdoor show for this season. We went up north in Sweden, to Piteå and to Telmas son Aaron, WTG Cool Cinnamon, and his family. We started the show with Aaron entering the ring. This was his first show and he did a great job! As the winner of Open Class with CQ, he ended up as Best Male and Best in Opposite Sex with CAC! What a start of his showing career! Huge congratulations to his owner; Morgan and Veronica Persson! His criticism was:
"Excellent type, maskuline well balanced, beautiful head and expression, correct dentition, good ears, excellent neck and withers, good back, excellent chest, correct angulations, sound movement, good shape of ridge" Judge: Irina Poletaeva, Finland

Then it was Nikki's turn. She was one of two junior bitches where she ended up as number one, but with a Very Good.
Vera, WTG Cool Candy Cane, also got a Very Good.
Nikki's criticism: "Very feminine, correct proportions, good scull, muzzle still narrow, scissors bite, correct ears, high set neck, good withers and back, a bit sloping crop, still needs better fore chest and front angulations, good rear angulations, enough drive in side movement, front and rear movement could be more correct, good shape of ridge."
Vera's criticism: "Very good type, feminine, enough bones, good proportions, correct head planes, correct dentition, excellent neck, well developed withers, level back (?), a bit sloping crop, roundish ribcage, a bit short ???, correct angulations, good side movement, lovely temperament, good ridge."

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Now Lucie and Babu are back in Czech Republic, they ended their stay here in Sweden with a couple of nice days in Stockholm, first sightseeing and then the Swedish Winner show.
At the show there was 75 ridgebacks entering, Babu won intermediate class and got an CQ (certificat quality). For Nikki it was her first official show, she got an Excellent in junior class and they both got some very nice words from the finnish judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen who was very selective in her judgement. We are so happy about both Babu and Nikki's results at the show, they both did a great job in the ring, so nice and well behaved all the time. See Nikkis show result here.

New, beautiful pictures of Leya, Telma and Nikki are to be seen at their own pages. Thank you dear Lucie for the nice pictures!

Now we are looking forward to both Nikkis upcoming shows and hopefully our upcoming litter between Telma and Babu. Read more about the litter here.

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Now Babu and Lucie have been here for almost a week and we have really get to know eachother. Babu is a lovely dog with the perfect character! He is calm and very nice in all situations and to everyone he meets, exactly the kind of dog that I like and prefer!
I'm so happy for him and we really look forward to see what he will bing to this litter!

Yesterday, Friday 27th of March, Telma was mated and now we will wait for her belly to start growing! :)

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