Bye bye puppies!

8 weeks are over and now all the puppies have moved to their new homes!
Mr Blue 'Elvis' now lives with his new family, mom Veronica, dad Jimmy, Smilla and Millie in Malmö.
Mr Lime 'Avicii' moved with Janne, Kai and Annabell to Falun.
Ms Purple 'Cleo' was brought home to Andreas and his parents in Värmland.
Mr Brown 'Caesar' now lives with his dad Aaron and Persson family in Piteå.
Mr Black 'Ozzy' moved to Sara and Jörgen with family in Sundsvall.
Mr Green 'Dexter' moved to Larsson family in Umeå.
Ms Pink 'Destiny' lives in Västerås with Malin and Mikaela where she has a new small big brother, Delvin the Dachshund.
Ms Red 'Zita' lives with Martin and his family in Norrköping.
Mr Cerise 'Jax" moved to Sorunda with Monica and John.
Mr Yellow 'Freck' lives nearby in Helgum with Amelie. His closest neighbours are uncle Dixon (Telma x Greif) and aunt Elsa (Nikki x Lego).
Ms Grey 'Willda' moved to Lena and Lotta at Zaxxon's Kennel in Kumla.